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Rita Barata
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Rita Barata

Chief Marketing Officer

With over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, Rita Barata has established herself as a versatile and resilient professional. Rita began her career at Novartis in marketing at 21, later excelling in sales as a Medical Information Delegate and then serving as a Product Manager overseeing brand development.

In 2010, Rita embarked on a new chapter with Grünenthal in Portugal, immersing herself in a smaller company environment and navigating a different therapeutic landscape. Her exceptional performance caught the attention of the international team, leading to an invitation to join them in Germany in 2012. Despite the cultural adjustment and linguistic challenges, Rita excelled, taking on various responsibilities such as global brand launches and international partnership management.

In 2017, Rita returned to Portugal to join AstraZeneca, where she spearheaded the Diabetes marketing team, further solidifying her reputation as a strategic leader. Transitioning to Tilray in 2019, Rita embraced her most significant challenge yet – pioneering a new therapeutic area focused on improving patients’ quality of life. As the Marketing Head for Europe and Country Manager for Iberia, Rita has led the successful launch of groundbreaking products, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence.

Focused on overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities for advancement, Rita’s track record speaks volumes about her resilience and expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.